Corner Brook


Our mandate is to organize and promote an annual festival of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canadian, and international films dealing with the interactions between people and the sea. The People and the Sea Film Festival provides an opportunity to present documentaries, dramas, and animations that tell the stories of oceans, coastal communities, natural history, and ocean industries. It also creates opportunities for film makers interested in making films about people and the sea to meet educators and the general public and to explore future film opportunities and potential collaborations.

The People and the Sea Film Festival Board and our Curating Committee have worked hard to assemble a selection of the most spectacular recent films that are relevant to this place and to our theme. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, partners, staff, and volunteers for their hard work and tremendous support for the festival. Enjoy the shows!


People and the Sea Film Festival Board of Directors
Barbara Neis, President Paul Snelgrove, Director
Robert Hooper, Secretary Paul Foley, Director
Ruth Lawrence, Director Michael Burzynski, Director
Katherine Lockhart, Director


2014 Curating Committee
Ian Fleming
Derek Norman
Lisa Porter
Barbara Neis