Corner Brook



Off the Hook

8:33 min.
Director: Kevin Moynihan
Ecology Action Centre Film on Community-Supported Fisheries

“Off the Hook” is an eight-minute documentary shot on location in the Bay of Fundy which features the Community Supported Fishery project called “Off the Hook” which partners fish harvesters and consumers. “What we are trying to create is a different kind of market for high quality fish that is fairly caught”, says Beau Gillis, the fish harvester featured in the documentary.

Beau and his fish harvester partners are bottom long-line fishers who don’t drag for fish but who use the age-old baited hook and line technique that does not destroy fish habitat and which results in a much higher quality catch preferred by the three hundred members of this co-operative who come to the Halifax Market on a Saturday to buy fish that was caught that week. “We really like meeting the people who eat our fish”, says Beau as he teaches the member consumers how to properly fillet a haddock.

“What “Off the Hook” does is flip fish harvesters from being price takers to price setters”, says project manager, Dave Adler of the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax.

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100 Mile Seafood Diet

16 min
Filmmaker: Anne Troake

“promotes dialogue about ways to build a diet heavily reliant on food from the sea around Newfoundland and Labrador, including both traditional and contemporary uses”

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57 Degrees North

14:07 min
Filmmaker: Nick Jones 

“A poignant insight into the traditional island lifestyle of John Jo MacDonald; a 67 year old lobster fisherman who has worked the sea off the remote island of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides his whole life.”
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Filmmaker: Jack Soucy

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