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On September 25, Beijing time, People's Daily Online discussed the issue of naturalization faced by Chinese football and believed that naturalization is in line with international trends, but Chinese football must not forget its original intention.


The selection of naturalized players in the National Football Team will become broader, which is undoubtedly a big plus for Chinese football, which is advancing the policy of naturalization. There are fans on the Internet looking forward to the naturalized national football team's strongest lineup, "shotgun for gun", the improvement of the book strength is not only a little bit, the third line is very competitive. It doesn’t seem to be a big deal to rush out of Asia, and even in the 2022 World Cup, it is expected to be able to wrestle with the European and South American strong teams, instead of repeating the awkwardness of the national football team breaking into the World Cup for the first time in 2002, but in all three games and netting 9 eggs, think about it. It's all exciting!

国家橄榄球队入籍球员的选拔范围将更加广泛,这无疑对正在推进入籍政策的中国足球来说是一大优势。互联网上有球迷期待着归化的国家足球队最强大的阵容“ shot弹枪”,书本强度的提高不仅一点点,而且第三线很有竞争力。冲出亚洲似乎并没有什么大不了的,甚至在2022年世界杯中,它有望与欧洲和南美的强队搏斗,而不必重复国家橄榄球的尴尬球队在2002年首次闯入世界杯,但在三场比赛中都拿到9枚鸡蛋,请考虑一下。太令人兴奋了!

The national football team has been weak for many years, and the results have been stagnant for a long time or even regressed. It has long been difficult to win against the neighbors of Japan and the South Korean team, and even the former "little brother" in Southeast Asia is not very sure. The fans have been stuck in their chests for many years, and their depressed emotions have not been released. Now they heard that they have boarded the speedboat of "Naturalization". It is almost like seeing the light in the dark, so hungry and smelling the smell of rice, it is inevitable to be happy. Imagine together.


It is not long for Chinese football to open the door to naturalization, probably more than two years. Starting from the naturalization of Hou Yongyong, Li Ke and others who have blood ties in Beijing Guoan in 2018, they have developed into the naturalized non-blood relationship of Exxon, Fernando, Alan and Luo Guofu. Li Ke and Exxon have represented the national football In the official game appeared on the stage. However, the results of the national football team have not changed drastically in the past two years. At present, it only ranks second in the group in the top 40 of the world preliminaries. In the case of one game less, it is 8 points behind the top Syria. Ike, who won the golden boot of the Chinese Super League Sen was lost on the front line. Due to his poor record, the former national football coach Lippi left his mark.


This has caused the Chinese Football Association to be more cautious in dealing with the controversial topic of naturalization. Although the relevant work continues to advance, it is not done with fanfare. According to the official language, it is "steadily advancing." Because although naturalization can improve the national football's immediate combat power in a short period of time, can it help the national football team to enter the 2022 World Cup and even fully promote the improvement of the Chinese football level, just like Schrodinger's cat.


There are many factors that affect the results of football matches. In addition to the most prominent factor of the player’s hard power, the coach’s command and dispatch, the players’ on-the-spot state, the tacit understanding of each other, the opponent’s play, football culture, etc. are all important Variables. In other words, the national football has naturalized the entire Brazilian national team, and it may not necessarily be able to beat the Japanese national team. In addition, the national identity of naturalized players has always been controversial, and naturalization may not necessarily be able to form a national team that meets the expectations of all parties.


Chinese football’s path of naturalization is indeed a bit compelling. On the one hand, the national team’s record has not been shot for a long time, the strength of the local international team is mediocre, and the slow development of youth training has led to an extremely scarce successor talent, which has developed into an endless loop. If there is no extraordinary action, it will be difficult for the National Football Team to get out of this desert sand sea in a short time.



It must be pointed out that naturalization alone does not necessarily mean success. The reason why France, Japan, Qatar and other countries can greatly improve the national football level through naturalization is the solid youth training work behind it. The two have achieved an organic combination, promoted each other's development, and finally bloomed the flower of victory.


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