Norris Point

Special features

22nd February 2015, Bonne Bay Marine Station

Consuming Local Seafood

Screening and panel discussion accompanied by a local seafood tasting event


57 Degrees North
100 Mile Seafood Diet
Off the Hook

Panel members: TBD

To Be Determined

With People and the Sea Film Festival/Nickel Film Festival

Schools Screenings


  1. Water Play (BC) Water fights can have dramatic outcomes. A metaphor for oil spills in our water supply.
  2. The Story of John Coll (BC) A Vancouver resident recalls his service in the Canadian Navy. A first person narrative documentary on the seniors in our community.
  3. Treasures Found (BC) Two girls find a buried sea chest of artifacts from their culture. Dedicated to the rediscover of language and culture of aboriginal people.
  4. Gutty (Iran) A teenager sees an unintended opportunity for growth at the local water pipe. A film about preventing waste and growing from seed!
  5. Out of the Blue (BC) When you’ve experienced the sensation of drowning in your life, what has been your lifeline?
  6. Letter in A Bottle (BC) A girl finds a message in a bottle and is determined to track down the writer.
  7. Cicles (Brazil) A careless being destroys his environment until Nature takes charge. A stop motion animation.
  8. The Magic Turtle (Brazil) Two children discover a magic sea turtle on a beach but discover that it will take more than its magic to save the ocean. A conservation film about how we can help curb our ocean pollution and care for the oceans inhabitants.
  9. White Salmon, White Water (USA) A 17 kayaker creates a thrilling and spiritual point of view of white water rafting on a weekend adventure.
  10. Polar Where? (UK) A polar bear searches for his missing friend. A comic claymation that examines a classic polar bear myth.